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Zinier is the home to technologists, operation experts, and service engineers dedicated to empowering people by utilizing artificial intelligence in order to eliminate redundant tasks and time in the world of field service.

Airlift was tasked with redefining the brand strategy and crafting new brand expressions that were more in alignment with the vision of Zinier.

The core Zinier symbol aims to build a brand experience that surfaces the most essential components; automation, and technical prowess being at the forefront of this solution. With its circular form the symbol captures the idea of constant energy flowing while signaling community and connection.

Airlift crafted guidelines for Zinier’s brand narrative, marketing, communications, and product experiences. This helped create a clear foundation for their own unique story, positioning, and how they show up in the world.

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Zinier’s design system brings to life the foundational elements of brand and extends the communication and narrative across all of Zinier interactions and experiences.

The website was created with Zinier’s business requirements in mind while encompassing the final brand language. It was also built seamlessly with engineering and design needs that look to the future so that it can easily be expanded upon as their company grows to meet market demand.

Zinier has created a scalable platform powered by AI-driven insights and intelligent automation that helps field service teams work smarter, better, faster, and more efficiently.