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Spark AR



  1. Augmented Reality


  1. Strategy
  2. UI/UX
  3. Motion

We worked with Facebook to create a complete brand system for their new Spark AR product and platforms. Together, we established a clear strategy, value proposition, design guidelines and developed the first of a kind asset gallery to support future marketing campaigns.

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You can experience a range of Spark AR experiences in Instagram today.

Thanks to our friends at Authors for beautifully extending the brand into film.

Spark AR is Facebook’s first big play into expanding the creative reach of augmented reality for designer and developer audiences alike.

The tools help AR scale across Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and What’s App.

The foundation is rooted in a poly-grid, ensuring brand consistency and providing flexibility for future experimentation.

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This sense of dimension inspires applications such as posters and digital marketing, ensuring the system lives up to the expectations the world has of augmented reality.

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