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For Autonomy


  1. Automotive


  1. UI/UX
  2. Motion
  3. Storytelling

We worked with Nissan to develop their IDS and Vmotion 2.0 Concept Car for the Tokyo and Detroit Auto Shows. We explored every detail of the autonomous driving experience, including digital interaction, exterior styling, and interior materials. We worked across physical and digital design disciplines to bring Nissan’s vision for the future to life.


We designed an outward facing screen to communicate with pedestrians while in fully-autonomous mode.


The car interior transforms between Autonomous Driving (AD) mode and Manual Driving (MD) mode. AD mode provides the user with navigation, media, communications and an intelligent driving system.

MD mode gives the driver full control over the car and removes any extraneous information.

Nissan's Vmotion 2.0 provides a glimpse into the Future of Intelligent Mobility with the innovative ProPILOT autonomous driving system.

Nissan's Vmotion 2.0 wins Best Concept Vehicle at The North American International Auto ShowEyesOnDesign Award 2017