Physical Space


  1. Urban Planning


  1. 3D Scanning
  2. VR/AR
  3. Human Factors

The City of San Francisco invited us to 3D scan culturally significant areas to help preserve these architectural history.

3D digital captures, and the immersive content they enable, are a step towards making spaces available to anyone who wants to explore them virtually. With an accuracy of 1/8000th of an inch, 3D scanning captures rich detail and texture.

Opera House

This 38,000 square foot historic building was constructed in 1932. Within a few days, we captured this massive environment with great accuracy and detail.

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Golden Gate Bridge

The famous bridge spans a one-mile wide (1.6 km). We scanned it from a distance of 400 meters and digitally composited it from dozens of points of view.

Palace of Fine Arts

This structure was originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. It was critical we captured the iconic sculptures mounted at the very top of the dome for realism and familiarity.