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For several years, we’ve worked with Mercedes-Benz to create a singular brand experience expressed across every touch point.

From digital experiences on one’s phone to the interior controls and buttons to ambient uses of light and sound to help the vehicle communicate with its passengers.

The work began with an extensive audit, not only of future vehicles but of the brand history and meaning assigned to iconography, type, and a range of contextual elements.

Mercedes-Benz exists to tell a connected story — evoking a mood and sensibility to every experience and interaction.

It was critical that Airlift deeply understood this visual story and applied it consistently across the brand and product.

The resulting system is uniquely Mercedes-Benz, enriching individual touch points and the collective brand experience.

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The instrument cluster underwent a radical transformation. As one would expect from Mercedes-Benz, design and technology are seamlessly integrated.

Transportation design is as much about the vehicle itself as the world around it — the mobility, the integration into lives, the trust and safety we require.

We’re proud of the deep learnings and to be a partner in this future Mercedes-Benz is designing for people.